Perfect harmony between horse and rider.

The FreeForm Method is a way of teaching horses and riders to communicate, not through physical manipulation, but through mutual understanding.




The FreeForm method is based on the principle that everything we want a horse to do is possible to achieve by using his intellect.








 The FreeForm method can result in Bridleless Riding - nothing on the horse’s head at all, just a specially designed neck-strap. It's what's "in" his head that counts.


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  • "I want to place on record my sincere appreciation for the training you put into our problem pony and especially our daughter Samantha. She had fallen a number of times & been h..."
    Mike Foley
    Sincere Appreciation
  • "I took my 10year old horse (a grandson of Lords) to Patrick in desperation. He refused to go forward, napped, shied, dropped his shoulder, spun, bucked, hung on my hands with d..."
    Denny Timson
    I feel I have learned more about horses and riding in the few se

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